Video: Pakistan Education Minister Uses Foul Language At College Event


Despite issuing apology, netizens criticised the minister for using the expletive.

Pakistan Education Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain is facing criticism for using foul language at a college graduation ceremony at Lahore’s Government College University (GCU).

A video of his speech is going viral on social media where the minister is seen using a Hindi expletive in his address. Mr Hussain is heard telling the gathering about how he once met the Vice-chancellor of Faisalabad Agriculture University Rana Iqrar who told him while using an expletive word how he worked in the Agriculture University despite coming from the ruling class of the Rana tribe. 

Mr Hussain’s remarks have drawn immense backlash with people on social media slamming him for using such language at a college event. Sharing the video on Twitter, one user wrote, “This is our Education Minister, Rana Tanveer Hussain. Just look at this man’s language & tell me why anyone should be surprised to see the dismal state of education in this country. He couldn’t even fake it for a graduation ceremony. The lack of education shines through & through.” 

Criticising the minister, another user said, “The filth is engrossed so deep within that it all just oozes out as a matter of fact”. A third user drew a parallel to Pakistan’s state of education, and tweeted, “Just look at this man’s language & tell me why anyone should be surprised to see the dismal state of education in this country”. 

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Once the video went viral on social media, the Minister apologised with a tweet and called it a slip of the tongue and he withdrew his words. “Yesterday at GC University Lahore, i had a slip of tongue during my speech. I feel sorry about that and take my words back,” he said. 

However, despite issuing the apology, internet users continued to slam the minister for using the expletive in his speech. “It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was proof of your normal behaviour,” wrote one user. Several other social media followers also responded to the tweet saying that ministers must behave professionally and set a positive example for others.

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