What links Hedy Lamarr and Henry VIII? The Saturday quiz


The questions

1 Who spent about 40% of their life as British prime minister?
2 Which literary character was born Marion Tweedy in Gibraltar?
3 What did Robert Wilson supposedly photograph in 1934?
4 Chablis is the northernmost part of which wine region?
5 In the Bible, who asked: “What is truth?”
6 What is measured by a nit?
7 What is the world record for stacking M&M’s?
8 Which city has statues of Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx?
What links:
Portugal, 2017; South Korea, 2007; Ghana, 1997; Egypt, 1992?
10 Monica Geller; Carmy Berzatto; Andy Jones; Gareth Blackstock?
11 Tor; Freenet; I2P; Riffle?
12 Hedy Lamarr; Tony Curtis; Norman Mailer; Billy Bob Thornton; Henry VIII?
13 Leopards; Rhinos; Tigers; Wolves?
14 Daily; Express; Little; Local; On the Move?
15 Ryan; Whiley; Orton; Winehouse?

Chablis clue cracked? Photograph: DEA/Albert Ceolan/De Agostini/Getty Images

The answers

1 William Pitt the Younger.
2 Molly Bloom.
3 Loch Ness monster.
4 Burgundy.
5 Pontius Pilate (John 18:38).
6 Luminance (usually of electronic displays).
7 Seven.
8 Dundee.
9 UN secretary general (country and start year): António Guterres; Ban Ki-moon; Kofi Annan; Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
10 TV and film chefs: Friends; The Bear; Boiling Point; Chef!
11 Dark web networks.
12 Married six times.
13 Animal rugby league teams in 2023 Super League: Leigh; Leeds; Castleford; Warrington.
14 Smaller versions of supermarkets: Morrisons; Tesco; Waitrose; Sainsbury’s; Asda.
15 March sisters in Little Women: Meg; Jo; Beth; Amy.

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