Coronavirus Australia: Bumper new list of Covid exposure sites – Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, Bunnings


Anyone who has visited the following venues is regarded as a casual contact and must immediately get tested and self isolate until a negative result is received 

Check NSW Health  for specific times and dates

Auburn: Aldi Auburn

Auburn: Cincotta Chemist Auburn 

Auburn: Sunshine Fruit Auburn Central

Auburn: Woolworths Auburn Central

Bankstown: Woolworths Bankstown Centro Shopping Centre

Bass Hill: Woolworths Bass Hill

Blacktown: Coles Blacktown 

Campbelltown: EG Fuelco 

Campbelltown: Woolworths Campbelltown Mall

Campbelltown: Woolworths Campbelltown Market Fair 

Campsie: Cincotta Chemist Campsie

Campsie: Woolworths Campsie 

Canterbury: Woolworths Canterbury 

Chester Hill: The Kebab Shop

Earlwood: Coles Earlwood 

Emerton: McDonalds Emerton 

Erskine Park: Aldi Erskine Park 

Fairfield Heights: Woolworths Fairfield Heights 

Greenfield Park: Lucky Greenfield Mixed Business 

Gregory Hills: Woolworths Gregory Hills 

Greystanes: APW Merrylands 

Kingsgrove: Australia Post Kingsgrove 

Lakemba: Aldi Lakemba 

Lidcombe: Aldi Lidcombe 

Lidcombe: Bunnings Lidcombe 

Lidcombe: Costco Lidcombe 

Lidcombe: Woolworths Lidcombe 

Lurnea: Fruitdads 

Marsden Park: Costco Marsden Park 

Merrylands: Aldi Merrylands 

Merrylands: Trim’s Fresh Merrylands 

Mount Annan: Aldi Mount Annan 

Parramatta: The Reject Shop Parramatta 

Pendle Hill: Pendle Hill Meat Market 

Strathfield: Australia Post Strathfield 

Wetherill Park: Coles Wetherill Park 

Wetherill Park: The Reject Shop Wetherill Park 

Wetherill Park: Woolworths Wetherill Park 

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