Drunk Man Urinates On Woman's Seat In Karnataka State Bus




The KSRTC clarified that the man had not urinated on the woman. (Representational)

A drunk passenger aboard a Mangalore-bound bus urinated on a woman’s seat, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) confirmed on Thursday. The woman caught the man in the act as she reboarded the bus which had made a scheduled stop for refreshments at around 10 PM on Wednesday.

Once the woman alerted the bus driver and conductor, the drunk passenger was forced off the Vijayapur-Mangalore bus and left near a hotel. While the affected seat was cleaned, the woman was assigned a different seat for the remainder of the journey.

In a statement, the KSRTC clarified that the man had not urinated on the woman and he had “deeply apologised” for the act. Additionally, the affected woman did not file a police complaint against the drunk passenger and the bus continued with its scheduled journey.

The case of a drunk passenger allegedly urinating on a woman aboard an Air India flight gained massive attention earlier this year. The Mumbai man, who was fired over the incident, had initially faced no legal action for the obscene act which occurred in November but was arrested six weeks later.

Last month, a Delhi court granted bail to the accused, Shankar Mishra. The Delhi police, however, opposed it, saying, “India has been defamed internationally because of the incident”, to which the judge said, “It may be disgusting, but that is another matter, let’s not get into that. Let’s go into how the law deals with it.”

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