Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials guide: how to solve every challenge


Look out for these altars around the open world (pic: Warner Bros.)

If you want more gear slots for a larger Hogwarts Legacy inventory you’re going to need to know how to beat the Merlin trials.

Besides the main storyline and side quests of Hogwarts Legacy, there are numerous puzzles for you to solve that will reward you with useful items or mechanics. 

These range from Arithmancy puzzle doors, which test your mathematical skills, to eye chests that watch your every move; you can find a mini-puzzle around every corner of the Wizarding World. 

You’ll also frequently stumble upon Merlin Trials, where you need to think on your feet and use certain spells to clear their challenges. 

You unlock the first Merlin Trial during the Trials of Merlin quest shortly after you meet Natty near Lower Hogsfield. 

Look for Merlin historian Nora Treadwell and she’ll guide you through your first Merlin Trial and how to solve its puzzle. 

She’ll also note you need to place mallowsweet leaves on the altar for the challenge to commence. You can buy mallowsweet from the Magic Neep in Hogsmeade, although its best to buy its seeds and grow it either in the greenhouses in Hogwarts or in your Room of Requirement, if you have already unlocked it. 

the magic neep hogwarts legacy

Timothy will welcome you to the Magic Neep (pic: Warner Bros.)

You’re sure to run into countless Merlin Trials when you play Hogwarts Legacy, as they’re almost as common as eye chests and demiguise moon statues. 

They’re easy to spot on the map as they’re marked by a white feather symbol. While you’re exploring the open world, you’ll also see them marked out by ornate stone circles on the ground. 

How to solve every Merlin Trial challenge in Hogwarts Legacy

There are nine different Merlin Trial types with repeated variations of challenges. Keep in mind that most of the Merlin Trial challenges require certain spells, meaning you won’t be able to complete them if you haven’t learned them yet. 

Here is how to solve each Merlin Trial challenge: 

Parkour challenges 

Required spell: None 

Kind of like in a game of The Floor is Lava you need to jump or run from one stone or pillar to the other until you reach the end. 

Lighting torches 

Required spell: Confringo or Incendio 

Light the torches around the trial using Incendio or Confringo, but be careful as they’ll start falling into the ground when you start. Quickly do the rest and you’ll clear the challenge. 

Guide moths into hollow stones 

Required spell: Lumos 

Use Lumos to attract the nearby moths and bring them back to each of the hollow stones to light them up.

lumos hogwarts legacy

Use Lumos whenever you need a source of light (pic: Warner Bros.)

Repairing statues 

Required spell: Reparo 

When you start this trial, a bunch of statues collapse around the area. Use Reparo to fix them up and complete the challenge. 

Moving a huge round rock 

Required spell: Depulso, Accio, Levioso, or Wingardium Leviosa 

You need to get a huge stone ball into the nearby hole set into the ground. Use any of these spells to push or lift the ball into the hole, like you’d do to a supersized golf ball. 

Smashing spheres/orbs 

Required spell: Accio 

To complete this simple challenge, you must destroy the orbs on top of the pillars using Accio. There are usually a lot of orbs to smash around the Merlin Trial location.

Be careful not to run into any unexpected foes (pic: Warner Bros.)

Lining up cubes with symbols on them 

Required spell: Flipendo 

This type of Merlin Trial requires you to use Flipendo on the cubes, so that the symbols on each side line up with the pedestal that the first cube rests on. 

Move a set of spheres 

Required spell: Accio 

Use movement spells like Accio to transfer sets of five small stone balls into nearby plates with ball-shaped openings in them. 

Exploding rocks 

Required spell: Confringo 

Use Confringo to blow up the cracked rocks all around the trial area. 

Each time you complete a Merlin Trial, make sure you claim the gear slots at the end. Here are how many of these challenges you need to complete for a maximum of four gear slots each time: 

  • Solve 2 Merlin Trials: +4 slots (from default 20 to 24 slots) 
  • Solve 6 Merlin Trials: +4 slots (28 slots) 
  • Solve 10 Merlin Trials: +4 slots (32 slots) 
  • Solve 14 Merlin Trials: +4 slots (36 slots) 
  • Solve 20 Merlin Trials: +4 slots (40 slots) 

By completing all 20 Merlin Trials you can get 20 extra gear slots for your inventory, which will prove invaluable the further you get into the game.

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