Hogwarts Legacy: where to find demiguise moon statues and unlock Alohomora


Keep your eyes peeled for these statues (pic: Hogwarts Legacy Wiki/Warner Bros.)

Maxing out the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy involves you searching for several demiguise moon statues per Gladwin Moon’s request.

You can learn many popular Harry Potter spells in Hogwarts Legacy, ranging from the unforgivable curses, including Avada Kedavra, to simpler ones like Alohomora. 

You’ll be taught Alohomora quite early in the game, as it’s an essential spell, but it might take a bit of time to master. 

That is because you need to collect a number of special moons held by demiguise statues spread all around the open world, as part of the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest. 

You’ll be prompted to go on this quest once you interact with Gladwin Moon, Hogwarts’ caretaker, who can be found leaning against the wall near the Grand Staircase. 

He’ll teach you Alohomora to open level 1 locks straight away, as part of the mission, and then let you go on the demiguise statue hunt. 

To max out the spell you’ll need to keep collecting these trinkets. After collecting four for the first part of the mission, you need another nine for Alohomora 2 and 13 more moons on top of that, for Alohomora 3. 

gladwyn moon hogwarts legacy

This is Gladwin Moon (pic: YouTube)

Although some demiguise statues are easy to find, simply sitting on top of desks, most of them are often tucked away behind locked doors or in restricted areas.   

This means it’s best to go looking for the obvious ones first, and leave the hidden ones for last, as they’ll likely sit behind level 2 or 3 locks. 

You also need to keep in mind the moons are most visible at night, meaning you need to save your mission for after sundown. 

All demiguise moon statue locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the demiguise moon statue locations in Hogwarts Legacy, ranked from easier to harder to find: 

Demiguise moon statues in Hogwarts 

After you take a stroll with Gladwin and collect the first few demiguise statues, you can get a few more straight away. There are four easily located moons inside Hogwarts, and here’s where to find them: 

  1. Out-of-service toilets at the South Wing.
  1. Behind the locked door (level 1) in the Muggle Studies classroom.
  1. In the Divination classroom.
  1. By the eye chest in the restricted section of the library.
The moon the demiguise is holding will shine at night (pic: YouTube)

Demiguise moon statues in Hogsmeade 

There are several demiguise statues spread throughout Hogsmeade, with most of them sitting out in the open. These five, along with the four you’ll find in Hogwarts, should be enough to get you to unlock level 2 of the Alohomora spell. 

  1. Behinde the locked door in the private room above the Three Broomsticks.
  1. On the countertop in Hog’s Head.
  1. Behind the counter at the Tomes and Scrolls.
  1. On the counter at Gladrags Wizard Wear.
  1. Inside the house by the waterwheel in North Hogsmeade.

After getting nine demiguise moons, feel free to head back to Hogwarts and speak to Gladwin in the Faculty Wing, where he’s hanging out around the floo flame. Give him the moons you’ve found so far and your Alohomora spell will become more effective. 

You can find many demiguise statues inside shops in Hogsmeade (pic: YouTube)

Harder-to-find demiguise moon statues to unlock Alohomora 3 

Once you learn Alohomora 2, you’ll be able to get to those better hidden demiguise moons, that are essential for maxing out the spell. You will need 13 this time, so here’s where to find them:

  1. Inside the hut at the Beasts classroom.
  1. On the second floor of the house by the food cart near Hog’s Head.
  1. Inside the locked house next to to J. Pippin’s Potions.
  1. Inside the locked house behind Honeyduke’s.
  1. Inside the house with pumpkins outside at Keendale.
  1. Inside the locked house located at the end of Pitt-Upon-Ford. 
  1. Inside the locked house with vines around the front door in Feldcroft.
  1. Inside the house on your right once you arrive in Irondale.
  1. Behind the locked door at the far end of Arranshire.
  1. Inside the house with the small wooden wheel by its front door in Upper Hogsfield.
  1. At the front door of the Bickle family house in Lower Hogsfield.
  1. On the counter inside Dervish & Banges.
  1. Behind the locked door near the lectern in the Great Hall.

After handing over these last 13 statues to Gladwin Moon you’ll get a prompt to learn the Alohomora spell at level 3, enabling you to break open all kinds of magical locks in the Wizarding World. 

Unfortunately, Alohomora doesn’t work on Arithmancy doors but we’ve already solved all their riddles for you. 

The same goes for eye chests, which will immediately shut off once they’re alerted to your presence. 

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