Kai Cenat denies performing sex act in front of 100,000 Twitch viewers


Being around other people didn’t stop Kai (pic: Twitch)

An eyebrow-raising clip of Kai Cenat and an Instagram model has convinced fans she was touching him inappropriately during his Twitch marathon. 

Top Twitch streamer Kai Cenat is known for pulling off crazy shenanigans during his broadcasts, often ignoring the platform’s rules (and getting away with it). 

Not long ago he ended up passing out in front of thousands of viewers and cutting his stream short after eating a number of cannabis infused snacks. 

Now, during one of his Twitch marathon streams, Kai and an influencer were caught getting jiggy with it, as her hands seemingly disappeared into his trousers. 

Kai and model Chicachicaduhhh were around a group of people in his kitchen, when viewers started noticing them getting cozy. 

Many doubted that they were actually engaging in any sort of sexual behaviour and wrote any suspicious movements off as her caressing his thigh. 

However, some eagle-eyed fans spotted their reflections in the mirror behind them had a different story to tell.

While there’s no nudity shown, at some point it becomes clear that Chicachicaduhhh is pulling her hand out of his shorts, as his waistband is seen stretching. 

kai cenat and instagram model twitch stream

The moment that left fans speechless (pic: Twitch)

The couple were previously seen running off into another room for a short period of time, with viewers speculating they left to have sex. 

Many nosy fans ran to Chicachicaduhhh’s TikTok profile to ask her about her relationship with Kai, and while she implied there’s something sexual going on, she didn’t say much else. 

Later on in his Twitch marathon, Kai denied Chicachicaduhhh was giving him a handjob and insisted she was only touching his thigh, which didn’t convince many people.

His fans were almost convinced but pointed out that he stopped himself from saying his famous ‘word to his mother’ phrase when telling the story, which he uses to indicate he’s not lying.

Since the clip went viral, Kai has also deleted his entire stream, further fuelling fans’ suspicions. 

As Twitch marathons usually last for hours on end some streamers seem to forget a camera is recording and broadcasting their every move to thousands, if not millions, of viewers. 

Kai is one of the most popular Twitch streamers at the moment, recently becoming the third creator to pass the 200,000 subscribers milestone. 

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