Watch: Massive Cobra Found Curled Up In Car's Engine In Thailand



The cobra did not move or threaten the onlookers.

Snakes are among the most dangerous and terrifying reptiles on the planet. However, their extraordinary abilities make them fascinating creatures. They are also masters of disguise and some of them have the unique ability to confuse predators with their defensive and offensive tactics.

Recently, a video of a huge cobra curled up in a car’s engine went viral online and the users were simply shocked. The video was shot on February 5 in Thailand’s Songkhla province. In the video, the nine-foot reptile was seen casually chilling under the hood of the vehicle. It did not move or threaten the onlookers. A few minutes later, rescue workers arrived on the scene and tried to remove the cobra. They dragged it out of the engine safely and surprisingly, the reptile did not create a fuss. 

The video of the incident has been released by Viral Press and distributed by AP.

Supachai Sake, the driver of the vehicle said, “The rescuers told me that the snake might be looking for a cool place to sleep in the night. I will make sure to check inside the engine every time before leaving.”

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In a similar incident, a video of a man catching a cobra stuck inside a scooter in India went viral on social media. In the clip, the man was seen using a small screwdriver to catch the reptile stuck inside the vehicle. The cobra raised its head and started hissing as the man poked it. Furthermore, the cobra curled itself around the scooter. However, in a few seconds, the man was able to seize the serpent’s tail and tame it with his bare hands. 

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