Watch: Massive Landslide In Peru, Boulders Fall Inches Away From Cars



A massive landslide on a narrow road in Peru.

Peru has been witnessing landslides triggered by heavy rains since the beginning of February. This has resulted in the death of several people while many are reported missing across the country. Recently, a video of a massive landslide on a narrow road in Peru has gone viral and has shocked many on the internet. 

In the footage released on February 22 from Pausa, hundreds of tonnes of rubble from a mountain is crashing down the slope. However, the people present at the highway seem unperturbed. Rather than moving away from the rock, some of them are standing and watching the landslide. Surprisingly, one of the locals is also seen rushing towards his minibus to get his smartphone to record the event. It is to be noted that the cars and other vehicles present on the highway were just inches away from the rock. 

The video of the incident has been released by Viral Press and distributed by AP.

As per the Peruvian officials, many landslides caused by recent heavy rains in the country blocked the national PE-32C highway. Later, heavy equipment was brought in to remove the area of the fallen rock. The Ministry of Transport and Communications provided emergency support for the cleanup while the National Emergency Operations Centre (COEN) kept an eye on the situation.

According to Viral Press, two miners who were working in the Puno district of southeast Peru were killed after a rock fell on them. At least 18 people were killed after being swept away by a landslide near the mines in the Arequipa Region. Many were also reported injured. 

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